Scaffolds the skills students need for their future

Engaging 11 is a project that helps you teach your students the skills they need for their future, with lots of carefully scaffolded speaking and writing practice so that our English classrooms are inclusive.
The engaging reading texts about timeless real-world issues in British and American English and the double culture spread help us raise our students’ inter and intracultural awareness.
The English+ section at the end of the unit helps us choose the essential content to make sure we finish the syllabus. Subunit 3 has lots of exam-like practice to help students prepare for the 550 throughout the year. Our new Reading for Pleasure rubric helps you develop a love for reading in English.
To guarantee that learning English is a memorable experience, we have also included many digital resources, like the speaking teleprompter, to help students learn in a way that is engaging for them!

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SPEAK OUT & LET'S DO GREAT! - Using "rubricas" to engage students to develop their speaking skills

Vanessa Reis Esteves

Vanessa Reis Esteves has been teaching EFL for 25 years and is a co-author of English textbooks for the 1.º, 2.º, 3.º ciclo and Ensino Secundário. She has lots of experience as an international teacher trainer and conference presenter. She is passionate about reading stories to students to foster a love for reading in English and is keen on implementing 21st century learning in the EFL classroom.

Belmira Paiva Pinto

Belmira Paiva Pinto has been teaching in the Portuguese State school system for 31 years. She is a passionate teacher who truly believes that positivity enhances students’ outcomes and performance, challenging them to engage in learning while supporting those with learning needs.
Being raised in a multiracial family has allowed her to embrace cultural differences and achieve a high level of intercultural understanding, which is reflected in her inclusive classroom. Another of her passions is implementing a 21st century skills approach to learning English to prepare the students for the future.

João Almeida

João Miguel Almeida is a passionate educational researcher and co-author of English textbooks for the 3.º ciclo and Ensino Secundário.
He believes that teaching language and culture should promote the development of proactive citizens. Therefore, he is passionate about bringing autonomy, creativity and critical thinking into the classroom to actively engage students in the construction of their personal learning experiences.

Isabel Maia

Isabel Vieitas Maia has been teaching in Portuguese State schools both in the 3.º ciclo and Ensino Secundário for the last 30 years. She has channelled this experience into co-authoring English textbooks.
She is very passionate about bringing creativity and innovation into her classroom. Getting students to communicate autonomously and critically are what motivates her to make a difference in her classroom every day.