Being good at English is easy-peasy and fun

Engaging 8 is a project that helps you motivate your students to learn English. It provides you with engaging texts and animated reading videos so that you can get your students to read in a fun and interactive way. Go the extra mile and treat them to our Reading for Pleasure rubric in the English+ section at the end of the unit. Develop intercultural skills with our double culture spread that helps students become active first-class citizens. Spice learning challenging skills like writing and speaking with carefully guided video tutorials that literally bring these pages to life and then, use the speaking teleprompter to transform your students into true communication geniuses. Get them ready for the test with the Study Time rubric and the English Homework Practice to guarantee that you catch them at being good at English when it counts! Or simply have fun with the QuizEV and the many catchy songs and engaging videos that we have prepared especially for you!

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SPEAK OUT & LET'S DO GREAT! - Using "rubricas" to engage students to develop their speaking skills

Vanessa Reis Esteves

Vanessa Reis Esteves has been teaching EFL for 25 years and is a co-author of English textbooks for the 1.º, 2.º, 3.º ciclo and Ensino Secundário. She has lots of experience as an international teacher trainer and conference presenter. She is passionate about reading stories to students to foster a love for reading in English and is keen on implementing 21st century learning in the EFL classroom.

Isabel Moreira

Isabel Moreira has 27 years of teaching experience in the Portuguese State school system, with a special focus on teaching the 3.º ciclo. She is passionate about developing autonomy strategies in the EFL classroom, as well as engaging students in communicative learning experiences and motivating them to develop speaking and writing skills in English.

João Almeida

João Miguel Almeida is a passionate educational researcher and co-author of English textbooks for the 3.º ciclo and Ensino Secundário.
He believes that teaching language and culture should promote the development of proactive citizens. Therefore, he is passionate about bringing autonomy, creativity and critical thinking into the classroom to actively engage students in the construction of their personal learning experiences.